Launched in 2008, the cooking programme relies on the using of a unique system especially designed for langoustine. With regard to the cooking of lobster, the Canadian technology has been used for carrying that project through to a successful conclusion. The principle is based in conveying cooking baskets into two successive salty water tanks: one filled with boiling water and the other with cooling water. This fully automated system guarantees a perfect cooking uniformity and allows preservation of the natural texture and the particular flavour of that seafood. In order to guarantee the goods integrity before and after cooking, fresh washed and graded langoustines are finger laid into a one kilo blue cooking tray. Then the packing of the blue tray and its contents into gas flushed trays offers 12 days shelf life.

Throughout all, products natural state is preserved.

By liquid nitrogen freezing at -40°C, the same target is reached, with a 24 month shelf-life.

Premium cooked Langoustine