As well as langoustine, the Irish Sea is a plentiful source of King Scallop. This direct from fishing, and not graded product is purged to get the sand out when sold with whole shell, or manually processed for extracting the meat.

Whole Irish King Scallops

Elastic banded, the scallops are packed into polystyrene boxes or wooden baskets for the fresh markets, or blast frozen and packed into 1 or 2 kilo sealed plastic bags.


Half shell with meat Irish King Scallops, frozen

The round shell with the meat is neatly washed before being blast frozen, and then packed into 1 or 2 kilo sealed plastic bag.


Irish King Scallop meat

The fresh meat is neatly washed after extraction. Products stay dry or, if required, can be soaked before blast freezing and packaging into 1 or 2 kilo sealed plastic bag. Sold fresh, using 2 kilo sealed plastic tubs put into a 6 unit iced polystyrene box labelled with a 14 day shelf-life.




Irish King Scallops shell

The round and the flat shells are packed into a 10 or 15kg bulk box after being neatly washed.