The reputation of the langoustine (Nephrops Norvegicus), landed at Kilkeel, and the other ports along the Irish coastline, has extended all over Europe and further afield. Between one to a maximum of four days fishing, langoustines are delivered directly to our store. After washing in purified solution, and grading to size, the delicate seafood is immediately packed and weighed. The speedy liquid nitrogen freezing process at -100°C for approximately 15 minutes, allows releasing all of the flavours and the texture that makes this langoustine so unique, back to the consumers. Glazed with water, and labelled with production time and best before date (24 months shelf life) and is finally stored at -18°C until dispatch. Grades sizes available range from eight pieces per kilo to seventy pieces per kilo.

The Blue Plastic Tray contains 800g or 1kg finger laid langoustine, filmed, wrapped and secondary packed in a 12 unit cardboard box.

The Polystyrene box with a lid strapped in bundles of 4 containing either 1000g, 1350g or 1500g.